Nami Specialty Rolls
Off Da Chain Roll  17.00
Tempura Shrimp, avocado and spicy mayo rolled with soy bean paper, topped with scallop dynamite

Orange- Sunshine Roll   13.00
Krab, cucumber and mayo, topped with shrimp and avocado

Rainbow Roll  14.00
Eel, cucumber, cream cheese inside, outside with  salmon, tuna, white fish, served with sweet eel sauce

K.C. Roll (6 pcs.) 13.00
Salmon, cream cheese & krab rolled with cucumber skin. This roll has no rice

Venus Roll  14.00
Tempura shrimp, krab, scallions & mayo outside with masago, avocado & tuna

Shrimp Tempura Roll  13.50
Tempura shrimp, cucumber, asparagus & mayo I/O with flying fish eggs

Hurricane Roll  14.00
Conch, octopus, cucumber, scallions with kimchee sauce I/O with red and black masago

Sunomono Roll (6 pcs.)  12.50
Avocado, crab & flying fish roe rolled in cucumber skin. This roll has no rice

Mango Tango Roll  16.00
Krab, cream cheese & masago inside, outside with avocado, topped with grilled tuna 

Kamikaze Roll  14.00
Tuna, today's white fish in wasabi mayo & scallions, I/O with wasabi masago 

Crunchy Roll (6 pcs.)  12.00
Salmon & krab rolled in nori, battered & deep fried. This roll has no rice

Spider Roll  14.00
Tempura soft shell crab, cucumber & mayo I/O with flying fish eggs

TGIF Roll  15.00
Tuna, shrimp, avocado, cucumber & scallions inside. Outside with tempura fish & flying fish roe

TL Roll  14.00
Salmon, eel, cream cheese & scallions roll in nori & deep fried

Green Hornet Roll  14.00
Smoked salmon, tuna, cream cheese, spinach & asparagus wrapped with nori, outside with avocado.  This roll has no rice.

Volcano Roll  16.50
BBQ eel,  cream cheese, and asparagus. Outside with avocado and topped with spicy conch

Mexican Roll    14.00
Tempura shrimp, spicy mayo, avocado & scallions I/O with masago

Lady's Finger  23.00
Rainbow roll with 5 pcs., assorted sushi

Crazy Chicken Roll 13.50
Grilled teriyaki chicken, scallions, cucumber & romaine lettuce I/O with sesame seeds. Rolled with brown rice

Caribbean Roll  13.00
Conch, shrimp, masago & avocado rolled with soy bean wrap

Caliente Roll  13.00
Fresh fish katsu deep fried, mayo & romaine lettuce

Daimyo Roll  16.00
Tuna, salmon, white fish, bonito flakes, scallions, avocado, asparagus & masago, wrapped with seaweed outside

Cajun Booty Roll 16.00
Spicy shrimp salad, scallion and tempura flakes, I/O with tuna and salmon, then seared with Cajun spices 

Mumbo Jumbo Roll   14.00
Assorted fish, krab, scallions and masago rolled in seaweed. This roll has no rice

Spicy Lobster Roll  22.00
Tempura lobster, spicy  mayo, cucumber, scallions & romaine lettuce I/O with masago & tempura flakes

Special Bagel Roll  13.50
Krab, asparagus, avocado, mayo I/O topped with salmon, cream cheese & scallion

Firecracker Roll  14.00
Spicy  shrimp salad inside, outside with masago, and tempura flakes

Eitan Roll      18.00
Salmon, cream cheese, avocado inside, outside with avocado, jalapeno, topped with conch dynamite

Moon Roll   15.00
Baked scallops, cream cheese inside, outside with avocado, and eel sauce

Spicy Rainbow Roll   15.00
Slices of tuna, salmon and white fish on a spicy tuna roll

XXX Hoo Roll   15.00
Tuna, masago, scallions, cilantro, and spicy mayo, topped with avocado and slices of  jalapeno

Macarena Roll  14.00
Krab salad, avocado, asparagus, tempura deep fried, and topped  with eel sauce

Summer Breeze Roll  14.00
Shrimp, krab, cucumber, seaweed salad & romaine lettuce rolled with rice wrap. This roll has no rice

Spicy Samurai Roll  14.00
Tuna in hot sesame sauce, scallions, and krab, I/O with red masago and tempura flakes

Bubba Gump Roll  15.50
Shrimp tempura, avocado, masago, and spicy mayo, topped with steamed shrimp, and avocado

Monster Roll  14.00
Krab, avocado, and cream cheese I/O. Topped with krab

Beauty & the Beast Roll  13.50
Half tuna, half eel on top. Inside with avocado, asparagus & spinach I/O with masago

Crazy Roll  14.00
Eel, salmon skin, cucumber, avocado & scallions I/O with masago

California Roll Deluxe  14.50
California roll topped with fish dynamite

Holiday Roll  14.00
Shrimp salad inside. Outside with avocado, tuna & special sauce

Miami Heat Roll 18.00
Shrimp tempura, imitation crab, cream cheese, masago inside, on top with avocado seared salmon spicy mayo, tempura flakes.  

Tuna- Volcano Roll 16.00
Tuna, asparagus, scallions, cream cheese I/O with avocado, topped with grilled spicy tuna & mango

Green Dragon Roll 15.00
Shrimp tempura, masago, mayo & scallions I/O with avocado, touched with spicy mayo 

JB Tempura Roll 14.00
Salmon, avocado, cream chesse roll,  tempura deep fried.

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