Sushi Bar Entrees
Sushi Mori   16.50
7 pcs. of assorted fish and a Calif.

Sashimi Mori   21.50
15 pcs. of assorted cut fish

Sushi and Sashimi Platter  20.95
5 pcs. assorted sushi, 9 pcs. assorted sashimi and a Calif. roll

Classic Chirashi   19.00
Assorted fish and krab cut thin over sushi rice

Unagi Domburi   17.95
BBQ eel over rice

Roll Mori  15.00
5 pcs. each of Calif. roll I/O, tuna roll, J.B. roll, and eel roll

Roll Mori Deluxe 19.00
5 pcs. each of J.B roll, rainbow roll, spider roll, and Calif. roll I/O

Tuna and Salmon Chirashi  21.00
Tuna and Salmon cut thin over sushi rice

Nami Boat (for 1 person)   26.00
8 pcs. assorted sushi, 4 pcs, of Calif. roll I/O,  9 pcs. of assorted sashimi, and 8 pcs, of salmon roll

Tsunami Boat (for 2 people)  50.00
14 pcs. assorted sushi, 16 pcs. assorted sashimi including tuna, salmon, white fish, and eel. 10 pcs. California roll, and 10 pcs. tuna roll
Sushi Deluxe  19.50
9 pcs. assorted sushi including tuna, eel, krab, shrimp, salmon, and a tuna roll

Sashimi Deluxe  25.00
20 pcs. of assorted cut fish including tuna, salmon, and eel

Nami Tuna Tataki  18.95
Seared tuna thinly sliced and served with citrus ponzu sauce
Rolls & Hand Rolls
Hand Roll       Roll
Calif Roll Inside- Out                                    6.50
With sesame seeds
California Roll3.95            5.95
Krab, avocado & cucumber

Cucumber Roll         2.95           4.50

Dynamite Roll4.95            8.50
Baked scallops with
mayo & masago

Eel Roll    4.50           7.25
With cucumber

Harry Roll         4.95 7.95
Smoked salmon, cream
cheese & scallions I/O seeds

Hamachi & Scallion Roll           4.95           8.25

Tuna Roll         3.95           5.95
Hand Roll       Roll
Salmon Skin Roll                        3.95    5.95
With cucumber

Salmon Roll              3.95    5.95

Vegetables Roll                           3.25              5.95

Tuna Salad Roll                          4.25              6.95
Chopped tuna mix with mayo,
masago & scallions

Spicy Tuna Roll                 4.50              7.25
Tuna, scallion & kimchee

Calif Roll Inside-Out Egg                                7.50
With sesame seeds & masago

Japanese Bagel Roll                   4.50    7.25
With salmon, avocado 
& cream cheese

Japanese Bagel Roll Tempura                      10.25
All entrees are served with choice of miso soup or salad
All sushi and sashimi platters are sushi chef's choice
White rice upon request
We can serve your meal with brown or fried rice instead of white rice for a small charge
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12711 Miramar Pkwy, Miramar
For Reservations, Take Out & Delivery
Call : 954-436-8388